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MostWantedKO | MYKO FARM&PK | BETA 14.04.23 | OFFICIAL 21.04.23 18:00 GMT+2

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Konu Hakkında Merhaba, tarihinde Server Tanıtımı kategorisinde Janek tarafından oluşturulan MostWantedKO | MYKO FARM&PK | BETA 14.04.23 | OFFICIAL 21.04.23 18:00 GMT+2 başlıklı konuyu okuyorsunuz. Bu konu şimdiye dek 3,490 kez görüntülenmiş, 7 yorum ve 0 tepki puanı almıştır...
Kategori Adı Server Tanıtımı
Konu Başlığı MostWantedKO | MYKO FARM&PK | BETA 14.04.23 | OFFICIAL 21.04.23 18:00 GMT+2
Konbuyu başlatan Janek
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Kayıtlı Üye
9 Nis 2023
Tepkime puanı

Discord SERVER:
In Discord server you have chance to win auto loot premium. (Giveaway)


Date: 14.04.2023
Time: 18:00 GMT +2
[Farm/PK/No much leveling]
1. Power Up Store will be free for all
2. Three Random Users from global ranking will be rewarded with Auto loot premium
3. Auto master/auto 70 lvl skills
4. LEVEL UP SCROLL TO 65, rest you must EXP.
5. There will be some items for PK
~Please report everything bug what you found Direct!~
Rewards for general top users ranking each nation:
TOP 1 - 4000 Knight Cash
TOP 2 - 3000 Knight Cash
TOP 3 - 2000 Knight Cash
TOP 4 - 1000 Knight Cash
TOP 5 - 700 Knight Cash
Bonus reward:
TOP 1 Karus & El Morad Clan Leader gets 2000 Knight Cash

Date: 21.04.2023
Time: 18:00 GMT +2
1. Active events from beginning: Chaos Match, CR FARM/PK, BDW, Merchant Events, JackPot Coin and EXP, Lottery, Monster Stone, etc.
2. Master: Disabled
3. Max Upgrade: +8/1
4. Max Level 65
5. Iron Necklace, Iron Belt, Glass Belt, Chitin Shield are temporary removed from boss drop.
6. Shell armors are temporary removed from monster drop - can be obtained only via Gem, Fragment, Chest etc.
1. Max Level 72
2. Master: Enabled
3. All events without Juraid Mountain and Last Nation Standing
4. Shells armors added to monster drop
Discord SERVER:
Other Things:
Most of colony zone mobs give 5% exp more than eslant/emc/luf.
Drop rate in colony zone is higher than in emc/luf/eslant
Drop List [ ]
Upgrade rates [ ]
Master Quest [ ]
Auto Loot premium [ ]
Quest Information [ ]
Quests/Drop Explanation [Non-automatic] [ ]
Knight Cash Prices [ ]

More information in the next days =)


Kayıtlı Üye
9 Nis 2023
Tepkime puanı
There has been done many updates between last MWKO and this one! Hope you will enjoy these updates! We wanna provide you best game experiences as it is possible!
Stay Tuned!
- Reworked Collection Race & Kill Gift Event Rewards.
- Expire items system has been released.
- Claim system has been released.
- Recoded insert party for BDW/Juraid system.
- Monster Stone system has been released.
- Monster Stone and Monster Summon Scroll has been added to drop (all bosses very low rate)
Report system has been released (Working only in BDW/JM)
- You have to write .report and then space + nick (example .report GM_Janek)
- Glitch system has been released
- Lupine eyes icon has been fixed (last time we have some issues with it)
Colony Zone Updates
- Drops has been reworked.
- Added Teleport move closer bowl 6/12.
- Updated AFK Manger from now it will detect afk in all events and it will teleport all players who not use skill or stay afk during the events to colony zone bowl random cord + will take your 500 Nation Points! Be aware
- Add Button "C" -> command there will list of all commands which help u a lot.
- Event Time -> List of all events and time.
Chaos Match has been a little boosted of news
- From now you will not see enemies nicks.
- Clan Symbol/Grade/Name/Cape is invisible
- Added timer for starter events
- Slave Priest [Auto Heal] system has been released for help solo players in eslant zone for farm and farm bosses.
- Last Nation standing has been reworked. (We installed small map of andream instead of big.) Added Teleport to exit and move closer bowl. Nerf a rewards from start.
- Fixed some issue with Holy Land event.
-Added teleporter to Holy Land event to tp closer to the bowl.
- Auto TIP (every x times, there will be notice for help everyone)
Added more automation things.
-It was supposed to be much earlier, unfortunately time never let me to finish it
- Hall of fame has been released (Every monthly) will be updated. Users from 1-5 TOP will be awarded with 1500KC, 6-10 with 1000 KC + TOP 1 Each class will be located in Moradon near Warp/Gate to tp
- Added Cure Package [100x], Styx Package[100x], Magic Hammer Package[30x], Prayer of god package [30x], Stone of life package [100x]
- Added Goku scroll to our database and client side.
- Added new vouchers of premium (3 days, 7 days of auto loot gold premium)(It can be obtained later from CR, and other events)
- Added new vouchers of transformation scroll(hera, goku etc.)
- Added Nation transfer in-game. (Npc: Jeremy Premium Services)
- Rebulid few NPC, to make it more smoth and readable.
- Updated some UIF(Exit one and Merchant one).
- Released our “MostWantedKO Option Editor” Well from now you can turn on/off more things from Option program.
- Added missing icon for PUS & Panel.
- Death Log has been released
- Strike system has been added.
- Online ranking has been added (Online Time will be counted on every characters.)

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